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You already know you can't take it with you- your desk that is! It sure would be great to always have every file, every record with you on hand at any given moment- to recall any transaction, customer, or medical record in a flash. To have your shopping list, project organizer, recipe box, or that list of passwords you keep handy in your desk drawer would be fantastic. And to be able to create a new file on the go as you discover you need it- the icing on the cake!
HanDBase on your iPad is the next best thing! Enter and view data while on the go in HanDBase, or create your own custom solutions. In fact, when you keep your data in a HanDBase database, you can do things your old desk and filing cabinet can't:

  • Fast Searching and Filtering - see only the information you need.
  • Sorting
  • Reports with charts
  • Emailing records of data
  • Relational - let one database share and cross reference data with another
  • Encryption - encrypt your data so no one can see it but you!
  • many more features.

Video Overview: Click here

Want to...
  • Synchronize Data
  • Create Databases
  • Edit Data
  • Import/Export
with your desktop or notebook computer? We offer optional Desktop programs and conduit add-ons to make this possible:

Windows Users Click Here
Mac Users Click Here

Are you already using HanDBase on your iPhone? HanDBase for iPhone will run on your iPad using the iPhone emulation built into the device. But HanDBase for iPad is worth considering as it adds some unique features:
  • Every screen optimized for use on the large format of the iPad
  • Edit text within a record in the same Edit Record screen, no jumping back and forth to a separate text entry screen.
  • The ability to open and even sync database files that you received via email.
  • You can now backup and install databases via iTunes and the cable connection.
With HanDBase you can track almost anything!

  • Shopping Lists
  • Music & DVD Collections
  • Project Organizers
  • Password Manager
  • Prayer List / Bible Study Notes
  • To Do Lists
  • Recipes
  • Sports Schedules
  • and plenty more...........
Need HanDBase for business?
  • Inventory
  • Field Surveys
  • Patient Tracking and Billing
  • Medical Reference
  • Project Tracking
  • Estimates
  • Time & Billing
  • and plenty more............

Give your Databases an Extreme Makeover!

Now available- HanDBase Forms for iPad -
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We have a gallery of over 2000 Free databases you can use...... Click Here: Database Gallery