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HanDBase is the award-winning handheld computing database application now available for RIM BlackBerry mobile devices. Experienced handheld users endorse HanDBase for its powerful relational features, easy-to-use interface, and large population of free pre-designed mobile databases hosted on our website.

With HanDBase, users can create their own solution using the desktop companion software, manage their important information, and share their data with friends and colleagues, even on other handheld/mobile platforms.

Everyday veteran handheld owners are using HanDBase for tracking & logging important information, collecting data in place of hardcopy forms, as a reference resource, and downloading company data files to empower Out of Office decision making for associates and managers!

HanDBase Packages / Versions: Plus Edition
Professional Edition Enterprise Edition
Price: $29.99
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HanDBase BlackBerry application
Automatic Installation of Databases to BlackBerry Smartphone
BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod touch, PalmOS, Windows Mobile Standard/Classic/Professional and Symbian S60 cross platform Compatibility (databases can be used on all platforms)
HanDBase Desktop
HanDBase Desktop Conduit
Multi-User / Scalable Application

Data Exchange for Microsoft Access

Sync Exchange for Microsoft Access

Data Exchange for ODBC Database Programs
including MS Access

Sync Exchange for ODBC Database Programs
including MS Access

ODBC Driver

Field Types:
  • Relationship- can be used to perform one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many type joins between other databases.
  • Conditional- the output of a conditional field is based off of a comparison of any to two fields or values.
  • Calculation-
    • Up to 6 operations.
    • Supports advanced math and logarithmic functions, such as trigonometry, floor/ceiling, square root, rounding, and power.
    • Users can add, subtract, multiply, divide, or average numerical values. Output can result as dates, times, floating point, or integer values. Perform running totals, averages, and more.
  • Linked - Users can link two databases together, allowing a record of one database to act as a key to other databases. This feature enables users to jump from one relational database to the related items in a linked database.
  • DB Pop-up - This field type is similar to a pop-up field, except the pop-up choices come from any other database. Users can group several DB Pop-ups together to be updated simultaneously.
  • Image - Users can display black & white images and signatures loaded from the Desktop.
    • Integer - This field stores numerical values with pop-ups for users'' most common values.
    • Floating Point - This field stores floating-point numbers, such as those with a decimal point in its value.
    • Date - When selecting a Date field, new Dates can easily be entered or you can select Today or No Date from a popup list. Can be set to automatically record the date a record was added, modified, and more.
    • Time - This field enables users to either manually enter the time or opt to have time entered automatically.
    • Pop-up - List This field forces a value to one from a defined list. Supports up to 60 Popups.
    • Check Box - Provides users with values to be selected by selecting corresponding check boxes, such as true/false and yes/no values.
    • Note - This field allows for memo-type notes (up to 2000 characters) and a pop-up to insert common phrases, words, etc.
    • Unique - This field is automatically filled with a value unique to that record.
    • Heading - Enables users to organize sections of a database with a heading.
  • Quick Search Feature- now find your records more quickly, by specifying a field that is quickly searched just by typing the first few letters in the list view.
  • Sorting- supports up to three levels of sorting.

  • Interface & Customization:
  • Views feature- enables users to create a set of preset filtering, sorting, and field settings criteria on the Desktop for quick access to different Views of your data.

  • Functionality:
  • Field Limit- Up to 100 different data fields.
  • Navigation- Easy navigation using the Trackball, Trackwheel, Escape Button and selection buttons on BlackBerry devices as well as the Touchscreen on Storm devices.
  • Data Entry- Easy data entry using the keyboard.
  • System Requirements:
  • BlackBerry handheld device with
  • 300 Kb of available memory on Mobile Phone.
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.51, 2000, XP or Vista.
  • 4 MB of available space on desktop.
  • FAQs:

    Q: Which BlackBerry's does HanDBase run on? Answer

    A: We've tested and/or heard success using HanDBase on the following models/lines:

    BlackBerry 8700 series
    BlackBerry 8800 series
    BlackBerry Curve (8300 and 8900 series)
    BlackBerry Pearl (8100 series)
    BlackBerry Pearl Flip (8200 series)
    BlackBerry Bold (9000 series)
    BlackBerry Storm (9500 series)

    If you are using a BlackBerry device other than those listed, don't be afraid to try the trial version and let us know if it does or doesn't work. If the latter, we'll see whether we can fix any incompatibilities with the program and your device.


    Q: I purchased HanDBase for a different platform but am now using a BlackBerry, can I switch my registration? Answer

    A: Definitely! We offer a special item called a crossgrade. A crossgrade is a special discounted price to one-time switch your registration completely from one plaform to another. This fee is much discounted over buying another copy and covers the administrative, support, and some of the development related fees we have in providing these programs on the latest platforms for you. You can purchase a crossgrade by logging into the registered users' page (top right above) and seeing the offers along the side.

    Please note that a crossgrade is a one time switch- after you switch you are no longer permitted to use HanDBase on the original platform, nor do you have access to updates on that older platform any longer. If you desire to run HanDBase on your existing platform and your BlackBerry both, you can purchase a new license for use on your BlackBerry. And yes, it does cost the same amount of money to switch back later, so it's a one time switch!


    Q: Is HanDBase for BlackBerry as fully functional as the versions on other platforms? Answer

    A: While HanDBase for BlackBerry is highly useful and functional, it is not quite as full-featured as it is on the more mature platforms like Palm OS or Windows Mobile Pocket PC (Windows Mobile Classic or Professional). There are several features missing from the BlackBerry client at the current time that are present on the others, including:

    Creating new Databases right on the device and modifying other databases structures
    Editing filter settings on the fly
    Creating Views
    Using Custom designed forms
    Printing records from the device
    Encryption of data/Password protection

    Since BlackBerry uses a completely different programming language, we had to rewrite most all of our application for this platform, and decided it would be best to cover the basics and then revisit based on the customer demand for the additional features. If there is a feature that you'd like to see in an upcoming release of HanDBase for BlackBerry, please let us know by emailing support.


    Q: Is HanDBase for BlackBerry cross compatible with HanDBase on other platforms?Answer

    A: Internally, HanDBase for BlackBerry stores data in the format that is native to the BlackBerry device. However, the conduit included in every version/flavor of HanDBase for BlackBerry automatically synchronizes and backs up to the desktop in the native HanDBase format. So from the user's point of view, the program format is cross compatible, and any syncs to the desktop can be pointing to shared databases with Palm, Pocket PC, etc users.


    Q: Can I synchronize Access data with HanDBase for BlackBerry?Answer

    A: Yes, using the HanDBase Professional for BlackBerry or HanDBase Enterprise for BlackBerry, you can synchronize with Microsoft Access tables. You can also sync with other users to these tables, for a centralized data store. The HanDBase Enterprise version also syncs to other ODBC sources, such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and more.


    Q: Does HanDBase run as fast on BlackBerry smartphones as it does on other platforms?Answer

    A: The BlackBerry platform runs in a Java environment. While Java programs typically run far slower than native compiled applications, the BlackBerry is unique in that many of the system calls are interpreted directly by the device and run much faster than other expressions. This makes the device seem very stable and responsive when using it, but does deliver a slightly less zippy feel in some cases. Since HanDBase supports many advanced field types like Calculated and Relationship which make very few system calls, we've found certain configurations of databases to run noticeably slower on these devices. But we worked hard to optimize everything to run as quickly as possible and continue to work on further optimization of the program to make it even faster.


    Q: Can I create databases right on the BlackBerry with HanDBase?Answer

    A: At this time you cannot, though all packages include a free copy of the HanDBase Desktop for Windows where you can design and tweak the databases and then transfer these databases to your BlackBerry. Future versions may include database creation capabilities depending on customer needs.